Investment Advice

Increase your wealth through quality investment advice.

Investing funds can be complicated and challenging. Keeping up with markets and understanding what is happening can ensure your portfolio is adjusted to take into account both the threats and opportunities. As you may have already discovered, this can be time consuming and carries significant responsibility. LifeTime Financial Group’s Investment Advice  can help you better understand what is happening in the markets and in turn, assist you in making more informed and confident decisions about your investment needs through quality research practices and considered investment advice.

Our investment committee brings a wealth of experience

At LifeTime Financial Group, our primary concern is helping you achieve your investment goals. We do this in a highly personalised way.

Our Investment committee brings more than 50 years combined experience to bear when considering appropriate investment opportunities for our clients. Unlike many Financial Planning organisations, our investment committee considers a broad range of local and international assets including direct equities, preference shares, exchange traded funds and listed investment companies. Of course, we also consider managed funds and a range of platforms.

Detailed analysis, utilising independently sourced research, ensures we recommend an investment strategy that takes into account your risk profile when providing appropriate investment advice.

Informed decisions are the natural outcome of tailored advice.

Our investment advice is based on gaining a clear understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve in the longer term. In other words, what makes you tick!

Through a strong personal relationship with our highly qualified financial planners, you will be confident in navigating your way through all aspects of investing.

Along with insights and research from our investment committee and external independent research houses, you will feel more comfortable because you will be making more informed decisions.

Our approved product list includes;

  • Cash including Term deposits, Fixed interests, bonds, convertible notes and preference shares
  • Australian shares
  • International shares including Asia, USA, Europe and emerging markets
  • Licenced Investment Companies
  • Gold
  • Sustainable investing and
  • Infrastructure

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