Financial Planners Melbourne

Lifetime Financial Group is a Financial Planning firm based in Melbourne, managing the financial needs of busy Australian investors.

We are not owned by any financial institution, insurer, bank or other sales driven organisation.

Our Melbourne Financial planners are all accredited and hold formal qualifications in our specialties through major Australian universities.

We specialise in providing Financial Planning Advice and services to individuals who value guidance and advice free of manufacture on a range of matters including;

We recognise that every client has a very different set of needs. The prospect of making complex financial decisions can be daunting. Our pragmatic approach ensures that complex financial planning needs can be put into straightforward and uncomplicated terms without making you feel intimidated by a lack of knowledge or awareness.

Our clients want to have the best advice available. Equally, the advice they seek has to be free of undue influence from product manufacturers and providers.

Because we offer a fee-based advice process, our clients are assured of receiving advice that is appropriate and tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

Our Financial Planners in Melbourne are highly qualified. Not just in academic terms but also experienced with various types of clients and planning strategies. Lifetime Financial Group has developed the fine art of actually listening to a client’s needs and concerns. Through an ongoing engagement process, our client’s in turn, develop a level of understanding and are empowered to make informed judgments and decisions with clarity about their financial needs and futures. You might be interested in reading our Investment Philosophy to gain a better understanding of how we view the investment world

Our Dealer Group, “Advice Evolution” is owned by the advisers and businesses that represent it. Advice Evolution is not owned by any Fund Manager, Insurer or Bank either so you can be assured that our advice is in your interests and is not in any way influenced by theirs.

Please feel free to get in touch with our financial planners Melbourne today.

LifeTime Financial Group Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative of Advice Evolution Pty Ltd ABN 66 137 858 023, AFSL 342880.

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