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Lifetime Financial Group is a Financial Planning firm based in Melbourne, managing the financial needs of busy Australian investors.

We are not owned by any financial institution, insurer, bank or other sales driven organisation.

Our Melbourne Financial planners are all accredited and hold formal qualifications in our specialties through major Australian universities.

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  • Global Economic Outlook prepared by Vanguard Article   -   22 January 2021

    Our clients have weathered what initially appeared to be a financial storm of gigantic proportions. As Covid 19 has played out around the world, we have come to realise that whilst it has been tough for many, we have fared better financially than many experts predicted. With vaccines now being rolled out around the globe, and the US elections finished, our thoughts turn to what lies ahead. As we head into 2021, the global economy is recovering from one of the most pronounced economic shocks in nearly a century. But even as confidence in a COVID-19 vaccine grows, Vanguard sees an uneven path back for global growth, with the outlook hinging critically on the virus's path, vaccine implementation and health outcomes.

  • The financial effects of divorce for those over age 50 News   -   05 November 2020

    Managing a divorce is tough at any time but when it affects couples over the age of 50, it can have more complex financial implications. We identify some of the financial issues and ways to deal with them in this tough time.

  • The rules governing gifts from SMSFs Article   -   31 July 2020

    This article explains the restrictions on SMSF trustees giving financial assistance to members or relatives. It includes four examples to explain how these rules can apply.

  • 2018 Year In Review News   -   24 December 2018

    With the 2018 Calendar year coming to a close, we thought we might take a moment to recap the year that’s been. After years of stability and complacency, volatility crept in the front door of financial markets and made its presence felt. Volatility in equity markets (February & October), volatility in Property (House Prices), volatility also experienced in currency markets and cryptocurrencies.

  • Investment Mix Available in your Super News   -   16 October 2018

    Super is a long-term investment and super funds invest our money with the intention of growing our funds for the future. Many super funds offer a range of investment options you can choose from and what you choose will depend on how much risk you are willing to take.

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