Anthony Stedman - CFP Fellow of the FPA

Anthony Stedman - CFP Fellow of the FPA

Principal & Senior Financial Planner

    • Adv Dip FP
    • Dip FP
    • SSA
    • CFP Certified Financial Planner
    • Fellow of the Financial Advice Association Australia (Previously known as the Financial Planning Association or FPA)
    • SMSF Specialist Adviser (SPAA Accredited)
  • 03 9596 7733
Anthony Stedman

Melbourne-based Financial Planner.

Anthony entered financial planning in the early 80’s and has since taken a leadership role within the industry having served on a range of internal boards at key financial institutions. This role provided significant insight into the wider industry and was instrumental in driving key changes within his practice and licencing arrangements from 2010.

In December 2011, Anthony, along with Grant Simpson and David Harris, established Advice Evolution Pty Ltd. Advice Evolution is a dealer group owned and operated by its shareholders and licensees and is completely free of any influence from any large financial institution, union fund or bank. This is an important evolutionary step as all of us who feel a client's best interests can only be met in an environment where there are no behind the scenes expectations of product placement or influence towards one product over another.

Anthony has a keen personal interest in Self-Managed Superannuation and Directly Held Investment Portfolios and manages both important areas in the practice.

He has been a Financial Planner since 1991. In that time, he has completed his studies and is a “Certified Financial Planner” (CFP accredited) with the Financial Planning Association. He has also been made a Fellow of the FPA. Anthony also holds full accreditation and is a “Specialist Accredited Self Managed Superannuation Financial Planner with The SMSF Association. He is also a Certified Financial Strategist (CFS) with the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals.

For your peace of mind, we strongly recommend you view Anthony Stedman's authorisations and credentials on the Money Smart website. His details can be viewed at the following address:!id=000237243 



Anthony Stedman's credentials can also be viewed on the FAAA (Financial Advice Association Australia).

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Awards and Recognition

  • Advice Evolution Awards 2019 - Practice of the Year
  • Advice Evolution Awards 2019 - Innovator of the Year Finalist
  • IFA Excellence Awards Finalist 2017
  • Certified Financial Planner - The Sign of Good Advice
  • CFP
  • SMSF Specialist Advisor
  • AIOFP - Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals


  • Maryrose B August 2019

    Anthony gave us valuable and sound advice at a difficult financial time for. We were truly grateful for his expertise and common sense approach. Thank You so much Anthony for addressing all our concerns with care.

  • Robert S June 2019

    Anthony and the team at Lifetime Financial have provided excellent advice and investment strategy over the years. Highly recommend them for their professional service and ongoing support.

  • Jim H June 2019

    Anthony was recommended to me by my solicitor and very good recommendation it was. Anthony with Denise and his team keep their clients well informed on all matters of their investments and their forward thinking gets the results. I Feel comfortable with there direction. 

  • George Graham July 2020

    I have been using Anthony Stedman at Lifetime Financial Group for almost 4 years now.
    After working as an Expat in Australia for many years I knew basically nothing about Australian Super .

    Turns out I didn’t need to, because Anthony sorted out everything , from arranging initial transfer of funds from my UK pension scheme to non concessional payments etc to build an SMSF that now supports my retirement needs.

    Anthony tailors my fund after taking into account my requirements for income as well as my appetite for risk.
    His advice to me has been excellent and on many occasions has gone beyond just financial planning into sharing life experiences that have been excellent in my avoiding pitfalls.

    In the current financial turmoil we find ourselves in it is important to have your interests looked after by someone whose judgement you trust, I am so grateful to have had Anthony recommended to me 4 years ago .
    Initially I was attracted by the truly competitive rates he was charging for his services , but the attraction has grown to be so much more than that .

  • Anne-Maree and Colin October 2020

    Anthony has worked with my partner and me for many years on investments, insurances and a self-managed super fund. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. He takes the time to explain things to ensure that we understand. He is proactive in making contact with us at regular intervals and always responsive to questions or queries. We are very confident that his advice is tailored for us and right for our needs. Highly recommended!"

  • Andrew Collis December 2020

    Anthony is an industry leader and is the type of financial adviser other advisers look to for new concepts and strategies.

    He consistently strives to improve the delivery of financial planning solutions to his clients, embracing new technology while maintaining a personal approach.

    Anthony has built a conscientious and experienced team focused on providing their clients with quality financial advice in a caring and supportive environment.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and his team.

  • Daniel B January 2020

    We are really lucky to have found Anthony and the team at Lifetime

    Total professionals, responsive and consistent with advice.

    Incredible support in Australia, and the 20+ years I’ve been living/working outside Australia.

    They break down the risks, fees for investments/insurances/planning and the reality of life experiences (related to family costs, etc…) Never let us down, and been firm and blunt when we sought high-risk options. Then leave us to decide.

    But beyond all that – they really do care about us as clients and give a level of service like a mentor or a wise uncle/aunt would. You can't fake sincerity and passion.

  • Charles C May 2021

    Have worked with Anthony and the team for a number of years on a professional basis and always found the advice and care they provide for their clients to be without fault. As a result, my wife and I engaged Lifetime to manage our own financial affairs and we could not be happier with the level of service and support we've received. A very well run and professional business.

  • Helen & Kevin E April 2021

    "Anthony has given us advice in areas relating to Superannuation, Salary Sacrifice, offsetting Capital Gains Tax and other useful Financial Advice. Anthony has always been able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Anthony's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I always received Anthony's full care and attention when I needed it." Anthony has a high work ethic and has been very honest with his dealings with us. Helen and Kevin"

  • Jennifer B February 2021

    "I sought Anthony’s assistance at a desperate crossroads in my life three years ago and I have been with him ever since. He has been an amazing financial advisor and he has fostered a reliable, helpful, and trusting relationship with me. Over that time Anthony has provided me assistance with long-term financial planning, investment planning and management, buying a house, inheritance issues, succession planning, superannuation, and has prepared monthly financial reports and yearly reports for my tax returns. He has the patience of a saint, responding to all my questions and queries, and is quite happy to take the time to ensure I understand his rationales for changes required. His advice has been exemplary, and I strive to ensure I follow his recommendations. We have regular reviews, through emails, phone calls and face to face meetings. At the end of each review, we look ahead to what financial plans we need to consider for future adventures. I highly recommend him to you.

  • Phil and Heather T December 2020

    Anthony has given us advice in particular with self-managed super funds and associated financial activity. Anthony is able to explain things to us in a clear way. Through Anthony's knowledge and experience, we feel very confident that the advice given was right for our needs. We always receive Anthony's full care and attention when we needed it.

  • Brian, 65+ years, Brighton East, VIC February 2024

    "Anthony has been giving me financial advice for the past 8 years, I find him to be a very approachable, patient and trustworthy man. I enjoy our financial meetings together which are very informative, I have full confidence in Anthony's advice and suggestions as he is always looking to get the best results for his clients. He also has the backing of a great team. Thank you Anthony for all your support, advice and patience in managing my SMSF. My fund could not be in better hands."

  • Phil, 65+ years, Traralgon, VIC December 2023

    "Anthony and his support team have provided many years of advice and management of our SMSF. From establishing first contact with him some years back, we have a trusting relationship and can seek his advice and opinions at any time. His back-up team also make the experience one of trust and reliability. It is not just a one-man band. We have referred several friends to Anthony and have full confidence in doing so."

  • Gail, 65+ years, Main Beach, QLD July 2022

    "Anthony Stedman is very professional and is happy to spend time with you to understand your needs and explains clearly the advice and the investments he thinks would suit your needs."

  • Maureen, 65+ years, Airport West, VIC June 2022

    "Anthony is incredibly experienced in financial advice and it is a delight to be an existing client."

  • Lucille, 65+ years, Sandringham, VIC May 2022

    "Anthony has been very helpful with advising us on our Self Funded Retirement Fund and helping us with Centrelink pension. The staff we have found to be most helpful."

  • Cameron, 35 - 45 years, Armadale, VIC March 2022

    "I have been acquainted with Anthony since 2011 and he has acted as my Financial Advisor for most of that time.

    I am not a particularly wealthy individual but regardless of my prevailing financial status or ability to generate fees for Lifetime Financial, Anthony has at all times conducted himself with diligence, integrity, attention to detail and great personability in our interactions.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending him to a friend, client or family member as a Financial Services Professional of the highest order.

    Ditto for his esteemed colleagues at Lifetime Financial: Hugo, Benji and Denise.

    Cameron Menzies"

  • Anil, 56 - 65 years, Doncaster East, VIC February 2022

    "We are very fortunate to have Anthony Stedman as our financial adviser. With his great knowledge and experience, he has guided us towards the best outcome for our SMSF etc, Anthony is never in a rush, takes the time to explain things and makes sure that we understand every thing in detail. He is very proactive in making contact with us and always responds appropriately to our questions & queries. We are very confident with Anthony’s advice appropriately tailored for us. We are very confident dealing with Anthony. Thank you Anthony. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Sheela & Anil Doncaster East Vic"

  • Richard, 56 - 65 years, Brighton East, VIC December 2021

    "'Anthony has given me advice in areas including loan products, self managed super funds and managing debt. Anthony was usually able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Anthony's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I usually received Anthony's full care and attention when I needed it.'"

  • Rikki, 65+ years, Mentone, VIC October 2021

    "I am so fortunate to have met Anthony and his staff. After being divorced 7 years ago he has helped me to get through this difficult time financially mentally and can now get on with my life. Thank You so much.. ,"