Working with Covid 19 and our ongoing interaction with our clients

Covid 19 Lockdown

LifeTime Financial Group is not meeting with any clients currently given the Lockdown in Victoria.

We are however continuing to meet our clients through a range of technology solutions including Zoom, the good old-fashioned telephone call and Skype amongst others.

What we have learned is everything is the same but different.

As we all shift back into the working from home regime, the matter of completing paperwork has set us some challenges. Whilst we are in a modern world where software such as DocuSign has become mainstream, many financial institutions still prefer a “wet” signature on their documents.

Assuming most people can access a printer is one thing, but many don’t have scanning capabilities for the return of these documents.

Suggested Solutions

We have sought solutions to this issue and can recommend the following apps (available on the Google Play and the Apple App Store) which will help in returning completed paperwork. And best of all, they are free to use.

Please be aware these apps are ideas only and we cannot guarantee performance etc.

Copying ID is easy using an app called Photoscan that is available on both Android and iPhone

Copying signed documents can be completed by using Tiny Scanner (Android on Google Store) and  in Notes on IPhone

Notes Scanning capability on Iphone

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