Anthony Stedman Wins Practice Principal of the Year award for 2016

We are pleased to announce Anthony Stedman as the winner of the IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) Practice Principal of the Year award for 2016.

This award is very important to us. Whilst it recognises Anthony Stedman’s role as Practice Principal and his ongoing commitment to building a best of breed financial planning practice, it also recognises the hard work and dedication of the team who have built LifeTime Financial Group into a leading Melbourne based financial planning practice. A practice offering tailored advice and solutions to our clients and at the same time, creating a desirable workplace recognising the effort and dedication of the individual and the team.

The IFA describe the award as follows:  “The role of the practice principal involves numerous key elements such as adviser recruitment, retention and business development, HR, finance and administration – not to mention their own client engagement and advice services

This award recognises the individual practice principal or manager in a boutique, self-licensed financial planning firm who has built the most successful business over the past calendar year.

The recipient of this award will personify business leadership, be entrepreneurial and committed to the independent advice sector, as well as be a public advocate for independent advice”…

This award represents far more to LifeTime Financial Group than the recognition from Peers for the way in which this business is managed and run.

Anthony Stedman notes “The Practice Principal of the year award for 2016 goes to the very heart of what we stand for and the significant change we implemented 5 years ago. Deciding to leave a traditional bank owned licence and establish our own, (free of influence from product manufacturers) was key to being able to develop a service offering that recognises our preferred clients’ needs and concerns and more importantly, who they choose to work with on an ongoing basis.

Our client's concerns remain key to our continuing development of strategies and solutions that allow our clients to reach their future goals and aspirations.

Without a professional support team, clarity around process and a mindset focused on our client's needs, delivery of great advice is not possible.

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